14.10.23 14h & 17h

Clara Amaral


Clara Amaral is an artist working with writing, performance, printed matter and publishing. Her interdisciplinary practice questions what it means to be a reader, to be a writer, aiming to expand existing modes of reading, writing and publishing. Central to her practice is the investigation of publishing modalities and the performative aspect of language.

In January 2020 Clara initiated, an online platform: A book of sorts. Every new moon an artist, writer, graphic designer or curator, contributes a text. Throughout the month the contribution vanishes in direct relation to the number of visitors, leaving, eventually, an empty website until the next contribution is published.

Clara’s work She gave it to me I got it from her was published in 2021 by Kunstverein Publishing. This volume is part of a broader research on publishing modalities and their relation to performative practices. Driven by explorations of “hand choreography”, the volume reveals personal narratives that expand into a political dimension while also focusing on the legal expression of identity and how we exist in the world.

Clara Amaral graduated in 2013 from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) in 2019. Her works have been recently presented in CA2M, Madrid; Tabakalera, Donostia / San Sebastián; Kunstverein and Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam; Alkantara Festival, Lisbon; Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Aubervilliers; Punt WG, Amsterdam; and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm.

In 20212022 she was supported by the  Kunstenaar Start from the Mondriaan Fonds.

For terra(t)rium Clara Amaral will read out loud “Time had Girl’s back”, which was firstly published in 2022 in II Magazine Issue #0: performance and publishing (Paint It Black, Torino, Italy); graphic design by Nuno Beijinho.

She gave it to me I got it from her, 2021. Photo: Joana Linda



Bovensterk is a culinary initiative created by Jasper Schonewille and Bas Visser. A befriended chef and sommelier who host private one-table dinners. They often cook a carefully curated vegetable forward menu with conceptual dishes paired with a wide array of drinks. Guests are curated in a similar way: they must compliment each other but still be surprising. Hopefully helping guests to connect with new people.

Why be limited by the senses of sight, touch and hearing? Bovensterk will reflect on the theme of private and public spaces while tingling the senses with flavors and aromas