22.10.23 15h & 19h

Taka Taka


Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos (GR), a.k.a Taka Taka, is the godmother of the drag House of Hopelezz, sister for others, mother of the drag king House of Løstbois, proud daughter of Jennifer Hopelezz and co-founder of the non-profit Drag King Academy Amsterdam . Taka Taka identifies as a dragtivist, educator, queer theorist and independent curator who produces performances as art director for the Amsterdam‘s sex positive underground night club, Church since 2013. They were  trained as a professional make-up artist, studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie followed by Master in Arts at the Dutch Art Institute. Currently researching drag mothering as an artistic educational model together with DAS support PhD programme THIRD. Taka Taka sees drag as an amplified voice, whose purpose is to communicate, problematize and propose methods according to local conditions. They have shared their knowledge and methodologies for drag mothering, gendered character based practices and its intersections with HIV through interviews, lectures, essays and workshops  with various Dutch art institutions and art academies. They collaborated annually  with SOA/AIDS Nederland, Global Aids Village, and more .As well with their biological mother Dimitra Panagiotakopoulou who is living in the Greek village Saravali and designing and knitting entire outfits for Taka's lectures and performances.

Hi i am Taka Taka a drag thing, drag mother and dragtivist.

I created a collective process of dragging to warm up our sensors, in order to feel our organs differently beyond our eyes demands. The aim of this workshop is to reveal the act of dressing/undressing and masking/unmasking as an undeniable personal and social engagement by having fun while understanding one’s impact, the realities of character and their production from fingernail to toenail. I will share my bloodline mother’s Dimitra knitted creations, which are made exclusively for me but which you can wear on your body-ies as a means of warm connection, non verbal communication and sharing joy. I will present performative exercises exploring character creation with tools which I have developed from my camp-dragtivist educational practice. These tools are for our group's gaze and organs - not for externals, neither photographers or videographers will be present. I will also share anecdotes about my experience of being drag mothered by Jennifer Hopelezz and mothering my drag kids as a para-family constellation of mutual empowerment. Hopefully we will manage to reorganize ourselves as a warmer individual and softer social interconnected entity...

What to Bring:
Makeup will be provided, but please bring bring heels or Dr Martens or flip flops or pvc tubes :)) wigs, hats, masks are also make-up, and whatever material you would like to place on your character's body-ies. You are especially encouraged to bring that thing in your closet you love but never manage to wear.

Big Hare

❤️‍🔥Enter the SUN AGE❤️‍🔥

Dutch electronic music duo Big Hare (artists Luuk Dolfijn en Autofrahn) started a solar cult that helps members get into the ~mindset~ to exit the (boring) fossil age, and enter the (spectacular) SUN AGE full of limitless energy. They developed a new type of cybernetic dance music called SOLARCORE. A recording of two of their new SOLARCORE hymns was released on july 22 by Blowpipe records and celebrated with rituals at Worm Rotterdam and OCCII Amsterdam. SOLARCORE builds upon Solarpunk. “Punk” is its shadow, its dark corner. SOLARCORE is the bright center. As SOLARCORE transforms nihilists into optimists, the “no future” slogan transforms into “yes, future”, mercury into gold. SOLARCORE is a space in which we are freed of temporal and material concerns. We manifest a future in which the sun powers our dreams with its unlimited energy. SOLARCORE is abundant, golden, lavish, hot, radiating, happy, glamorous, nerdy,desirable, sensual, philosophical, individualist, apolitical, cosmopolitan, beautiful, wild,trance-inducing and mystical. We are all children of the sun.

At terra(t)rium, the Big Hare members will iniate visitors into their intimate solar cult. The humle heralds of SOLARCORE share esoteric knowledge and manifest new mad dreams they have been working on in the solitude of their braincases.

(!More info soon!)